/sʌɪ kəm tʃal/

Are you new to scicomm and don’t know where to start? Or stuck in a rut? Or an experienced scicommer and always happy to try something new? Then the science communication challenge #SciCommChall might be what you have been waiting for!

#SciCommChall gives you monthly prompts to experiment with all kinds of small scicomm formats and the opportunity to share your ideas with a like-minded community of scicommers via our website as well as social media. The aim is to non-competitively inspire each other to come up with fun ideas, try them on for size, and maybe even take some of them further to become part of our science communication portfolio.

#SciCommChall started out as a private challenge by Mirjam Glessmer, and her very first challenges can be found on her blog. Mirjam and Nena then started challenging friends, and due to the positive experience and feedback they extended #SciCommChallenge to include colleagues and other people interested in science communication. #SciCommChall has since grown into a vibrant community that enjoys trying out new scicomm formats together.

Interview with Mirjam on #scicommchall, published on wissenschaftskommunikation.de