April’s #scicommchall — designing your project’s giveaways for science communication

For April’s scicommchall, let’s think about giveaways. Many big research projects and institutions regularly spend a lot of money on things like pens, mugs, canvas bags, or even pool noodles (I kid you not, my former employer did that!), all typically branded with the institution’s or project’s logo. While many of those are certainly useful and others funny, wouldn’t it be even better if they had a science communication aspect to them, since they are already budgeted for, anyway? And even if you don’t have a budget for giveaways at the moment, wouldn’t it be fun to have a game plan in place for when you do?

So tell us:

What giveaway would you ideally like to have for your own project?

For some thoughts on how to use giveaways in science communication, check out Mirjam‘s recent blog posts on what the literature tells us about giveaways, on designing a scicomm giveaway, and on checklists & logistics to consider.

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