August #SciCommChall: Describe your research using only the most common 1000 words!

The idea for August’s #SciCommChall is borrowed from the xkcd webcomic, specifically from their comic “Up Goer Five” (see below) which displays a technical drawing of a space craft “explained using only the ten hundred words people use the most often”.

Click to enlarge. Credit XKCD comic “Up Goer Five”:

And that is exactly what we are going to do this month, too:

Annotate a picture that shows what your work is all about, a diagram of the mechanisms you are researching, a drawing of the instrument you are using, or write a short story.

But: you can only use words from a list of the 1000 most common words in the English language!

Does that sound challenging? Good! 🙂

There is even a website ( that helps you do that by providing a text editor in which you can type your text and it tells you which words you are using that aren’t part of the most common 1000 words. This is so much fun! I typed in “testing complexity” just for, you know, testing complexity, and both words are not permitted. So I am super curious how you will describe your work! 🙂

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