Learning about whales from a milk carton? Nena’s response to the March #SciCommChall !

Nena writes:

At first sight whales don’t look to be very athletic, because mostly they huge and it seems they not really moving fast in the ocean. But they are! Since my research project deals with whales, I came up with the idea to show people what whales enormously perform during their live.

On the one side of the milk carton the riddle starts with a short story about five kids be on holiday on different places to different times. All of them see whales and we print their pictures of the fluke connected to where and when they have been seen. The viewer now is asked to notice which fluke where seen twice and thus to recreate the migration way of them on.

The “riddle” side of the milk carton. Click on the images to enlarge!

On the other side of the milk carton, I present the solution to the riddle and explain why they have to travel these routes.

The “solution” side of the milk carton. Click on the images to enlarge!

Read more about humpback whales below the cut (in german)

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New #SciCommChall is out! April 2018

Summer is almost here, and with it science fair season! And we are planning ahead for several events this summer. From our experience with last year’s European Researchers’ Night we are expecting our audience to mainly consist of parents and grandparents with pre-school and primary school-aged children. So this months #SciCommChall idea: To funnel people into conversations about our science and keep them with us for some time, we lure in the children with some science-y handcrafts! The kids pick out pre-printed postcards, book marks, pins, maybe even t-shirts with different outlines of motives representing the science projects we are working on. While the kids are busy coloring in their new treasures, the adults will be happy to look at our other exhibits and chat to us. And when the kids proudly wear their newest handcrafts home, the adults can talk to them about the science behind what is displayed on those little works of art. And it’s going to spark conversations about the event every time they look at it in the days and weeks after.

So for the April #SciCommChall:

Draw a representation of your project that could be colored in by kids as part of a cool give-away!

Or if you have an even better idea, do that and please share it with us! I hear some of my colleagues already have other awesome crafty projects for kids in the making… 🙂

Egg cups + Haikus for science communication

Written by Mirjam:

#SciCommChall in March was to come up with a small scicomm “thing” that could be used during Easter Sunday breakfast to spark discussion of some science idea. I really like the Norwegian tradition of crime story cartoons on milk packaging around Easter, and thought that it might be neat to try out that format (or at least use it as inspiration). Here is what I came up with:

First: Haikus for everyone involved in KiSOC! A Haiku is a japanese poem with three lines à 5-7-5 syllables. Here we go:

I then added short explanations of whose research those Haikus were based on, and what the research is about.

Then I made the whole thing into ………. individual egg holders for our Easter celebration! (Not that we would usually have Easter celebrations at work, but I promised one, and the March challenge lends itself perfectly…).

So this is what the finished product looks like (except that there are a lot more egg cups, since there are a lot more people involved in that project): Haikus + little drawings on the outside, and explanations hidden on the inside!

And here is a poster, summing up the March #SciCommChall (click to access .pdf)

Are you interested in participating in our #SciCommChall? Sign up here and I will email you at the beginning of every month with that month’s #SciCommChall. The only rule is that there are no rules. Participate or don’t, use your own research or someone else’s, share with us or don’t, be inspired by the challenge or use that inspiration for something else 🙂

New #SciCommChall is out! March 2018

This month‘s idea is borrowed from the Norwegian tradition of crime cartoons, which are printed on milk cartons around Easter and which are traditionally solved at a family Easter Brunch:

Show us how you would sneak some science communication into a Brunch with your family and friends!