Brilliant sketches illustrating David’s research interest. A very different take on the May #SciCommChall!

Remember the May #SciCommChall — illustrating your research project? David (@hoelscher_arc on Instagram) has come up with a very different way to illustrate his project than the rest of us. He has drawn (brilliant and inspiring, I* think!) sketches that show how different people have different perspectives on archaeology and history.

Click to enlarge the images below!

“Expected effects”: Text on the blackboard says “stone ages”
“Expected effects II”. Left panel: Kid says “I am so bored!”. Parent reads “There is a vacation activity with excursion to archeological sites. Mmmm… And there is even an app! Sounds exciting!”. Right panel: Kids: “Awesome, I can excavate an artefact!”, “Let me, let me!”, Grandpa: “Wow, they have been digging hard!”.

Want to see more of David’s work? Follow his Instagram @hoelscher_arc!

*this is Mirjam writing. But check David’s Instagram  @hoelscher_arc and I am sure he will show you the real thing soon! 🙂

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