Judith writes a #scicommbookforkids about being a First Aid hero

Another beautiful #scicommbookforkids for September’s #scicommchall!

Judith explains how everyone can be a hero:

She tells the story of Ida, who’d love to be a super hero and help people.

Ida asks her personal super hero, her granddad for advice on how to become a super hero.

He explains that it’s not difficult, you just have to help when it’s needed.

Even in small, everyday situations.

In german, it’s easy to remember what you need to do if you just remember to be a HELD (the german word for hero):

H – call for help

E – calm and comfort

L – check for vital functions

D – cover with a blanket

But it’s always important to stay calm and stay safe yourself!

Ina is excited — now she can be a hero!

Sinikka’s #scicommbookforkids on climate tickling your nose

We are in for a real treat with Sinikka’s #scicommbookforkids for September’s #scicommchall! (Translation below the image)

Climate tickling your nose.

Taking a deep breath at the beach, you notice this smell: The smell of the sea. This typical smell are actually tiny amounts of sulfur gases you are breathing in!

Sulphurous algae grow in the sea. Sun light and other microscopically small algae contribute to their growth.

The gases are then released into the air, especially on windy days.

Besides creating the typical smell of the sea, sulphurous algae also do other things: Some help water droplets grow in the atmosphere. Clouds form and it starts to rain!

Others become tiny reflectors — aerosols — and reflect parts of the sun light back away from the Earth. This cools down the Earth a tiny little bit.

Sun and algae, wind and waves, clouds and rain, warm and cold — this is all contained in a nose full of sea air!

And here it is pre folding:

When will we see your #scicommbookforkids? 🙂

Mirjam’s #scicommbookforkids for #scicommchall

A #scicommbookforkids for September’s #scicommchall on learning to observe the wind direction.

This is what the book looks like post coloring, but pre folding:

And this is what the finished book looks like:

Download available below (German & English) if you like it!

Do you think it can help kids with learning where the wind comes from (and why anyone should want to know)? I am curious what you (and your kids) think! 🙂

Click to download

Nena’s three amazing #scicommbookforkids for September’s #scicommchall!

Let’s start off September’s #scicommchall — making a #scicommbookforkids — with a bang! Nena is, as always, overdelivering in the most amazing way. She shows us not one, but three cute and educational books!

The first book presents the beautiful world of tits and how you can distinguish them based on morphological characteristics.

The second book is a little “where is Waldo?”-like game, except you have to discover perfectly hidden animals.

The third book presents the variety of tiger-colored animals.

I am so impressed!!!

September #SciCommChall: Let’s make a book for kids!

This month we are doing something really cool for #SciCommChall:

We are making a book for kids!

It’s really easy: We only need one sheet of A4 paper (or A5 to make it even cuter) and we’ll end up with a little book that has a title, 6 pages inside, and a back side.

Book-crafting instructions: Click to enlarge

Now think of a cute little story, collection, or whatever else you like related to your research and voila! You are now the proud author of a #scicommbookforkids! 🙂

P.S.: Bonus: If you draw it all in black and white, you can even scan it, print it, and use it as a coloring book for kids in future scicomm events. Just saying… 😉