An elevator-less elevator pitch for #scicommchall. Now it’s your turn! :-)

Still not inside an elevator, but now that I have my elevator pitch down to short and sweet (and really only 30 seconds if you don’t watch the contact stuff in the end), maybe I will be able to manage to film it without being interrupted like I was the previous dozen attempts

Now it’s your turn! Share your elevator pitch with us! (And don’t worry, you can always “upgrade” it later, like I am doing here!)

Curious about water striders? Sara sings her elevator pitch!

Here is a very cool example of an elevator pitch for January’s #scicommchall, sung by Sara Siebert.

Yes, sung.

Normal elevators are boring, she has done those for last year’s #dayofscience challenge already… Now without further ado:

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January’s #scicommchall: Mirjam shares an elevator pitch!

January’s #scicommchall of doing an elevator pitch is a lot more challenging than we thought, so I am sharing one here that I am really not 100% happy with (doesn’t actually capture the essence of what I do, too long, not in an elevator [although I did try — see a video with outtakes over on my blog]), and publicly pledge to come up with a better one before the end of the month and post it here. Because I would really like to have a good elevator pitch ready for the next time I meet someone in an elevator, and to link to it for everyone interested in what I do!

Anyway, here we go:

Now it’s your turn! What does your elevator pitch look like?

New Year, new #scicommchall. Can you let us know about your work in a 30s elevator pitch?

Since November’s #scicommchall was great as a challenge that I am still excited about. But since nobody (including myself) chose to post their results, we are trying again! And I am herewith officially committing to filming mine tomorrow! How about you?

Do join me in sharing your excitement for your work in January’s #scicommchall:

Share your elevator pitch with us! In 30 seconds or less, what do you do? Why is it exciting? Why should people care?

Grab your phone and make a quick movie of yourself, giving your elevator pitch. Share it on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, wherever you like. And let us share it for you so the world can get excited about your work, too! 🙂