Nena shows us the “Tree of Project”: How to become a good biologist!

Nena gave us quite a challenge yesterday: Coming up with a “Tree of Project”. Today she shows us how it’s done:

My Tree of Project – My Tree of getting a good Biologist


I have not a real PhD Project or something similar, because of that I want to show you my biggest Project, to become a good Biologist.
It was very early I learned to be fascinated about the nature around me. With my siblings and me, my parents often went into the black forest to go for a walk. There they told us a lot about animal tracks we saw or all the huge trees. I am sure there was more, but that is what I remember from this time. This was my impact to learn more about life, and so I decided to study biology. At the University there were four lecturers and a lot of good friends who make my decision to study biology feeling right. During my studies I noticed that my way was more in the direction of animals than plants, and if I want to learn something about plants, than it must be trees.
At some points, probably it has to do with my time on Helgoland and the whale I saw for my first time, I had the feeling to capture all the great stuff I was discovering outside. I started to photograph birds, butterflies, bees, beetles, flowers, trees – to show the people around me what I have seen. In a nature conservation organisation, I started to talk about my experiences and my photographs and did a lot of volunteering work with kids. This leads me from my home, through Stuttgart to Kiel into the Zoological Museum where I started to guide people through the amazing exhibitions of this wonderful house. In the museum I got a lot of influence of the director, my colleagues which became one of the best friends I ever had. There I also worked in a marvellous group about science communication, where I learned more of talking about the fascination about my passion. Not least because of a great colleague, which became a good friend and something like a mentor and my personal life coach After two years I decided to go into a nature conservation organizationin the Southern Harz to work there to show people the beauty of the world and of biodiversity and so to leave behind familiar paths. Here I get a lot of connections to political actors, volunteers, farmers, like-minded people and opponents and also the industry. That’s were I am noew. All the time I am still learning to distinguish between idealism, realism and fascination and if I am at the end of myy Tree of Project, I want to be a good Biologist. Thanks to all they join my way!

May’s #scicommchall suggested by Nena: Show us your “Tree of Project”!

Nena is suggesting this month’s #scicommchall. She writes:

“The tree of live shows us the genesis of life. Single-cell organisms evolved in a complex environment. The cells go continuous through a development to organisms of higher levels. Different functions were taken over by different new compartments, new limbs were grown and life styles change from day to day, from year to year.

How is you project going on? Which point is the base of your project which developed into different branches of your own Tree of Project.”

We are super curious to see what you come up with!