Alice shares how she’s always on the lookout for phenomena that excite her

For the #makingitallaboutmytopic challenge, Alice shares how she’s always on the lookout for phenomena that excite her:

“Every year during the last week of June, there‘s the Kiel Week. And on the sports field really close to my home, the balloons start and land and there’s a show five times during the week. Yesterday, I’ve been there for the first time and loved it!

But while watching the show, I noticed something I wanted to see all month: take a look at the sky behind the balloons! These noctilucent clouds are just beautiful. Funny enough they are not really clouds but ice crystals being highlighted by the setting sun in such an angle, that the sun has set a couple of hours before but is still shining on the ice crystals in the upper atmosphere of Earth. I was so excited about this phenomenon that I almost instantly had to talk to my friends who were there with me and just wanted to enjoy the show. I explained them how these clouds aren’t visible in daylight, as they are the highest and faintest of all clouds, located about 80km above the Earth.

I almost instantly had to think of this month’s #scicommchall. This is something I recently developed and that has not always been there. Looking out for phenomena that excite me and trying to explain them has especially come from my #experimentalfriday series and I enjoy this new look on the world a lot. I hope you do too.”

Making it all about your topic: Breathing!

Sinikka is one of the people who can easily relate to June’s #makingitallaboutmytopic challenge. She writes:

“We all know we need oxygen to breathe. Where does the oxygen come from? From the trees and plants around us, sure. But this is only half of the story (or, half of the oxygen, in that case). The other half comes from tiny little algae everywhere in the ocean. As the “trees of the sea”, they produce just as much oxygen by photosynthesis as  plants do on land. So remember: Every second breath you take is thanks to the tiny algae in the ocean!”

June’s #scicommchall: Making it all about your topic

Are you one of the people who manages to make everything about your topic? Every movie you watch, every dish you eat, every piece of jewellery you wear? Then the #makingitallaboutmytopic scicommchall is for you!

Tell us: How do you make ordinary things you come across in your daily life about the one very specific thing you are scientifically interested in? Give us an example that always baffles people who don’t know you well and that your friends and family send you references to because you have infected them with your bug already and they know that when you see x, you will absolutely think of y!

P.S.: As an example: for me, a trip to Berlin consists of sightseeing with a twist: Watching wave pattern in front of monuments! Like so: Bow waves of a duck and a ship in front of the German Parliament!