Nena December #SciCommChall about fishes and ducks

I want to explain the name of a fish Oblada melanura, a bream which is living in the Mediterranean. If you know some Latin words and see how the fish look like, it’s very easy never forget this name anymore.

Between the body and the tail fin, the fish has a little black round point. And that’s it. Melanura means black, so it’s the description of the color. Oblada is something round, like the point and describes the point on the tail fin.


Often you can read the description sexual dimorphism during reading a book about animals in combination with the looks of males and females. But what does it mean? The word sexual means the different sexes, the male and the female. Dimorphism must be separated to see the meaning. Di means two, like a dialog, a conservation between two people. And morphism means the look of the animals. All in all, we can combine: sexes two looks – the sexes of an animal have a different look. On of the best examples is the Mallard. The males with a beautiful green head and the females with a brownie camouflage look.  Do you know other animals with an sexual dimorphism?