Judith writes a #scicommbookforkids about being a First Aid hero

Another beautiful #scicommbookforkids for September’s #scicommchall!

Judith explains how everyone can be a hero:

She tells the story of Ida, who’d love to be a super hero and help people.

Ida asks her personal super hero, her granddad for advice on how to become a super hero.

He explains that it’s not difficult, you just have to help when it’s needed.

Even in small, everyday situations.

In german, it’s easy to remember what you need to do if you just remember to be a HELD (the german word for hero):

H – call for help

E – calm and comfort

L – check for vital functions

D – cover with a blanket

But it’s always important to stay calm and stay safe yourself!

Ina is excited — now she can be a hero!

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