June’s #scicommchall: Making it all about your topic

Are you one of the people who manages to make everything about your topic? Every movie you watch, every dish you eat, every piece of jewellery you wear? Then the #makingitallaboutmytopic scicommchall is for you!

Tell us: How do you make ordinary things you come across in your daily life about the one very specific thing you are scientifically interested in? Give us an example that always baffles people who don’t know you well and that your friends and family send you references to because you have infected them with your bug already and they know that when you see x, you will absolutely think of y!

P.S.: As an example: for me, a trip to Berlin consists of sightseeing with a twist: Watching wave pattern in front of monuments! Like so: Bow waves of a duck and a ship in front of the German Parliament!

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