Looking at it from all sides. December’s #scicommchall!

We’ve got such a fun #scicommchall for you for December!

Every coin has two sides, but every research topic has definitely more than just two! So in order to discuss it properly, it sometimes helps to force yourself look at it from different, and maybe unusual, angles.

And here is how we are going to do that: By making a cube and thinking about what the topic might look like from different angles! As an easy example, think of the story of the elephant that is being described by people who can just touch it, not see it. Someone touching the trunk might think that they are dealing with an enormous snake. Someone touching the tail might think it’s a paint brush. Someone touching a leg might think it’s a pillar.

And this is what this might look like on a cube:

And here is how you would build this cube (and the template below includes the tabs to close the cube completely that are clearly missing in the picture above).


Cute, right?

And as a sneak peek in the background: My “wave” cube that I’ll present soon.

Let’s get started then! Below you find a template that you can use to print to make your own cube. Have fun, and don’t forget to share with us! 🙂

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