Nena’s #DayOfScience as part of June’s #SciCommChall !

Nena has recently started the super interesting Instagram @nena_weiler which you should totally check out! In response to June’s #SciCommChall, Nena writes:

Often, my day starts with doing citizen science by counting birds, determining insects and looking for harbour porpoise in the Kiel Fjord.

Afterword’s, I check mails, read papers, organize next steps and do stuff in my office in the Zoological Museum in Kiel.

More than once a week I ride by my lovely folding bike to the KiSOC office to talk, discuss, have fun and exchange with my colleagues there about science communication and outreach formats, like abut origami whales for doing science communication

Coming back in my office in the museum my colleagues there are great and often we do little jokes together, which makes always lots of fun. Science also can be fun

A god day of science ends with preparations for outreach actions, like to have a talk about the fascinating spermwhale and his unique biology.

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