Now this is a super cool Bag of Science, Kim!

For our “Bag of Science” #SciCommChall, Kim shows us what is essential in life: Conductivity cells and pom-poms. Glad I challenged her to join us!

Kim writes:

“From @Meermini this month’s #SciCommChall THE BAG OF SCIENCE The contents indicate I am a doomsday prepper who will survive with my parenting and science supplies.

1. Small Backpack

2. Pom-pom my son made

3. Laptop with science stickers

4. Trusty coffee mug (1/4)

5. Combo battery pack/flashlight

6. Coin purse with pesos and euros

7. Sunscreen

8. Lip Butter

9. Business cards which always mysteriously disappear when someone asks me for one

10. Music devices 11. Feminine protection kit: Pads, tampons, cough drop and mini-flame thrower


12. Combination sunscreen/lip balm

13. Handy dandy Rope.

14. Health kit: Bandaids, Theraflu and one wetwipe

15. Ibuprofen and Dramamine

16. Mini headlamp


17. Bag o’ CTD sensors. Three conductivity cells, 2 thermistors, and a strain gauge pressure sensor

18. Contact info in case my beloved bag gets lost

19. Lint-free wipes because you never know when optics will have a smear

20. Pens and Sharpies of various sizes


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