Our July #SciCommChall: Write a #SciPoem! Join us! :-)

Welcome to the July #SciCommChall! This month, we will be writing science poetry.

Yes, I know, that sounds a little scary. But it’s not!

There are tons of different kinds of poems, and you are of course welcome to choose whatever form you like (check out the hashtag #SciPoem for surprisingly many, awesome poems!). But to make things a little less difficult and scary, I asked the King of Science Poems, Sam Illingworth*, for advice on which type of poem might be suitable for this challenge, and he suggested starting with a list poem. I found these funny instructions for writing list poems and can’t wait to start!

What topic should you use? Anything related to your science, your typical day as a scientist, science in general, whatever you like. In any case, don’t overthink, just give it a shot!

I am super excited to see what everybody will come up with! Have fun and don’t forget to share with us! 🙂

*Sam’s blog is great for inspiration, he posts weekly poems on cutting edge research from many different fields. And he does research on, among other equally interesting things, the accessibility of rhymed abstracts for research articles! Maybe you should consider writing a poem as abstract for your next article, too? Inspired by Sam’s work, I have written a couple of poems about some of my own and my friends’ articles, and it was great fun and a very different way to look at the familiar science!

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