Now this is a super cool Bag of Science, Kim!

For our “Bag of Science” #SciCommChall, Kim shows us what is essential in life: Conductivity cells and pom-poms. Glad I challenged her to join us!

Kim writes:

“From @Meermini this month’s #SciCommChall THE BAG OF SCIENCE The contents indicate I am a doomsday prepper who will survive with my parenting and science supplies.

1. Small Backpack

2. Pom-pom my son made

3. Laptop with science stickers

4. Trusty coffee mug (1/4)

5. Combo battery pack/flashlight

6. Coin purse with pesos and euros

7. Sunscreen

8. Lip Butter

9. Business cards which always mysteriously disappear when someone asks me for one

10. Music devices 11. Feminine protection kit: Pads, tampons, cough drop and mini-flame thrower


12. Combination sunscreen/lip balm

13. Handy dandy Rope.

14. Health kit: Bandaids, Theraflu and one wetwipe

15. Ibuprofen and Dramamine

16. Mini headlamp


17. Bag o’ CTD sensors. Three conductivity cells, 2 thermistors, and a strain gauge pressure sensor

18. Contact info in case my beloved bag gets lost

19. Lint-free wipes because you never know when optics will have a smear

20. Pens and Sharpies of various sizes


Alice and her bag of science in January

Alice (check out her Insta at @scied_alice) and her #bagofscience

What‘s in your (science) bag? It’s the January #scicommchall
I must admit, my bag is not very science-y. I usually carry coffee and water around with me (stay hydrated friends!) as well as some tools for quick notes and feel-good goodies like hand cream.
Are there any science things in your bag that you carry around because they’re so handy?

One, two, three bags full of science with Sara – look at this:

Sara  (check out her Insta at @frauwissenschaft!) is telling us about her #bagofscience

Die @scicommchall für Januar lautet: “What’s in your science bag.” Puh, da wird einem erstmal klar, dass ich immer zwei Taschen mit mir herum trage und manchmal sogar eine dritte Tasche. Also los geht’s!

Tasche Nr. 1
Businessplaner 2020 für alle Termine, Aufgaben, Projektplanungen und den ganz normalen Wahnsinn gleich mit. Notizbuch, für alles unkoordinierte, was noch geplant werden muss.
Dokumentenmappe für alle Zettel, Textmarker, sowie 2 Bücher, die ich aktuell zum Paper Schreiben benötige.
KiSOC-Sammelmappe für andere Dokumente.
Kopfhörer fürs Arbeiten und auch um sich manchmal konzentriert im Großraumbüro zum Arbeiten zurück ziehen zu können.
Festplatte für die Backups (wichtig!), @drsamson , mein Datenschutzbeauftragter , erinnert mich regelmäßig daran!
Sowie die flic Buttons für meine Erhebung plus Ersatzbatterien, Stifte, Anspitzer und einen USB-Stick.

Tasche Nr. 2
Mein Arbeits-Laptop mit Stromkabel, Stiften und Post-its.

Tasche Nr. 3
Meine eigene VR-Brille mit meinem 360° Film für Wissenschaftskommunikation. Sowie Zubehör: Controller, USB Kabel zum Datenüberspielen und Aufladen, Brillenträgerzubehör, Batterien für den Controller, Reinigungstuch, Bedienungsanleitung.

What’s in Mirjam’s bag? January’s #scicommchall!

For January’s #scicommchall, we are doing a “what’s in your science bag?” thing! Mirjam writing:

I am excited! Some of my stuff might actually be specific to my #wavewatching and #kitchenoceanography obsessions. Or they might not be, you tell me: What’s in YOUR bag and why?

In any case, here we go with mine:

  1. This is my absolute favourite handbag of all times! It’s always stuffed, but I love it! I carry this on me wherever I go, and my work bag comes in addition to this (give me a shout if you would want to see that one, too). All the stuff around it in the picture usually lives inside
  2. Not so surprising: A little card holder with all the cards I need to carry
  3. And a little coin pouch
  4. Emergency tea. Can’t get caught anywhere without some. Clearly have to restock, this is my least favourite of the favourites I usually carry with me. Also great as dye tracer in a pickle
  5. A spork. Because no single-use plastic! Also for stirring, measuring, that kind of stuff in experiments (we use food dyes, no worries…)
  6. I carry some minerals to prevent (or quickly counteract) cramps. No oceanography connection there
  7. Seem to have skipped no 7 on the picture! Probably to make up for something not pictured, because I was working with it when I decided to accept this challenge and it therefore wasn’t in my handbag: My (tiny) bullet journal
  8. Pens! Several. One waterproof, because #kitchenoceanography. Where is my pencil? Seems to have gotten lost
  9. Sticky notes! Always need them
  10. My battery bank for my phone, because my phone holds my life. And I need it to take pictures and movies, to write notes, to do Social Media with it or blog on it. The battery bank is heavy, but for me totally worth always carrying it with me
  11. Headphones, charging cables for my phone & battery bank, that kinda stuff
  12. Oh, now it’s getting interesting! A selfie stick and a microphone for my phone to do wave watching selfie videos with, after I realized how horrible the sound quality was when I was on a Swedish research ship a couple of months ago
  13. A fabric bag because I always end up having to carry stuff somewhere and, as you see, the handbag is tiny
  14. Ziploc bags. Because you always find cool stuff at the beach… At least I do 🙂
  15. Emergency cash and emergency plasters
  16. The pouch where the plasters are supposed to be, together with some emergency stuff against headaches, a tiny pocket knife (which I use SO MUCH!) and the very much undervalued lip balm. Which has saved tank experiments several tanks when something was leaking, everybody was freaking out, and I was just like “let me get my lip balm from my hand bag…”
  17. Paint swatches that I got when my nieces and I went to the crafts store because we had the deal that everybody could get three and only three, and I decided that “everybody” should include me 😉
  18. A small scarf and wooly hat, because wave watching happens outside and I like my throat and ears to be warm
  19. A measuring tape. Because knitting, and then I forgot it was there

And what’s in your bag?

Nena shows us her bag of science

Nenas @nena_weiler bag of science in January shows us her most important thing in her backpack (she never has a handbag) which is her binocular to explore the nature everywhere and every time. Also with her mostly is a tube to store exciting nature-stuff to look on closer.