Our July #SciCommChall: Write a #SciPoem! Join us! :-)

Welcome to the July #SciCommChall! This month, we will be writing science poetry.

Yes, I know, that sounds a little scary. But it’s not!

There are tons of different kinds of poems, and you are of course welcome to choose whatever form you like (check out the hashtag #SciPoem for surprisingly many, awesome poems!). But to make things a little less difficult and scary, I asked the King of Science Poems, Sam Illingworth*, for advice on which type of poem might be suitable for this challenge, and he suggested starting with a list poem. I found these funny instructions for writing list poems and can’t wait to start!

What topic should you use? Anything related to your science, your typical day as a scientist, science in general, whatever you like. In any case, don’t overthink, just give it a shot!

I am super excited to see what everybody will come up with! Have fun and don’t forget to share with us! 🙂

*Sam’s blog is great for inspiration, he posts weekly poems on cutting edge research from many different fields. And he does research on, among other equally interesting things, the accessibility of rhymed abstracts for research articles! Maybe you should consider writing a poem as abstract for your next article, too? Inspired by Sam’s work, I have written a couple of poems about some of my own and my friends’ articles, and it was great fun and a very different way to look at the familiar science!

Nena’s #DayOfScience as part of June’s #SciCommChall !

Nena has recently started the super interesting Instagram @nena_weiler which you should totally check out! In response to June’s #SciCommChall, Nena writes:

Often, my day starts with doing citizen science by counting birds, determining insects and looking for harbour porpoise in the Kiel Fjord.

Afterword’s, I check mails, read papers, organize next steps and do stuff in my office in the Zoological Museum in Kiel.

More than once a week I ride by my lovely folding bike to the KiSOC office to talk, discuss, have fun and exchange with my colleagues there about science communication and outreach formats, like abut origami whales for doing science communication

Coming back in my office in the museum my colleagues there are great and often we do little jokes together, which makes always lots of fun. Science also can be fun

A god day of science ends with preparations for outreach actions, like to have a talk about the fascinating spermwhale and his unique biology.

Brilliant sketches illustrating David’s research interest. A very different take on the May #SciCommChall!

Remember the May #SciCommChall — illustrating your research project? David (@hoelscher_arc on Instagram) has come up with a very different way to illustrate his project than the rest of us. He has drawn (brilliant and inspiring, I* think!) sketches that show how different people have different perspectives on archaeology and history.

Click to enlarge the images below!

“Expected effects”: Text on the blackboard says “stone ages”
“Expected effects II”. Left panel: Kid says “I am so bored!”. Parent reads “There is a vacation activity with excursion to archeological sites. Mmmm… And there is even an app! Sounds exciting!”. Right panel: Kids: “Awesome, I can excavate an artefact!”, “Let me, let me!”, Grandpa: “Wow, they have been digging hard!”.

Want to see more of David’s work? Follow his Instagram @hoelscher_arc!

*this is Mirjam writing. But check David’s Instagram  @hoelscher_arc and I am sure he will show you the real thing soon! 🙂

Science craft for kids — origami whales! April’s #SciCommChall

Nena had a great idea for an easy crafts project with kids to talk about whales (and check out her other posts for more great science communication related to whales, or follow her on Instagram (@nena_weiler) where she is doing a great feature posting one insect pic every day this month!).

So here are our instructions for easy (and cute!) little origami whales.

If you would like to craft some whales with us, why not visit us on June 19th where we’ll present our project at Kieler Woche? 😉

#SciCommChall in June: Let’s document a #dayofscience ! Join us! :-)

What if you documented a whole #dayofscience in pictures? From your commute, your first cup of coffee in the office, the chat with colleagues, the overflowing email inbox, your messy (or maybe totally neat and clean?) desk, your office plants, your lab safety gear, your teaching, your scicomm, your article editing, your data acquisition, your poster preparation, everything you do that day?

And what if you shared those pictures on social media? Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, anywhere you like. (Of course this part is not compulsory. If you are hesitant to do it, why not take the pictures and you can always decide for or against posting them later? And read other suggestions at the end of this post)

During the week June 18.-22. the Science-A-Thon will be happening, and a lot of people will do exactly what we described above, so you will be in good company! And it’s a great week for us in Kiel, too: It’s Kiel Week (the largest sailing event in the whole world! Tons of people in Kiel) and there is lots of science communication happening that (hopefully) makes for nice photo ops! And even in a “normal work week”, surely documenting a day is fun?

So after looking at what kind of pictures we could use to illustrate our work last month, this is our June #SciCommChall:

Document a day in your life as scientist (or scicommer or how ever you would call yourself) and share it with #dayofscience on social media!

P.S.: But what if I don’t want to have pictures of myself floating around the internet?

Even if you don’t want to show your face on the internet, I think it’s very interesting to think about how you would like to present yourself to the world if you were to document your day on social media. It is, for example, not necessary to include your face if you hate the idea. You could also take a figurine and have it stand in for you next to your coffee cup, looking at your computer screen, standing on your lab bench, whatever. I look forward to seeing all your creative ideas! 🙂