#SciCommChall in May: What picture would you pick to represent your research?

Sometimes it’s super helpful to have some nice visual representation of what your work is all about. Not only for your own scicomm, but also for stuff like your project’s annual report, your institute’s website, your conference poster, …

So as part of the #SciCommChall in May, challenge yourself:

Create 10* images that represent your work and share them with us!**

And tell us: What part of your work is represent in which picture, and how? Is it the way you feel when you think about your research? The question you are addressing with your science? The methods you are using? The environment you do your work in? The reason you are interested in your research question? A typical day in the office? …? And what makes you associate that image with that aspect of your work?

*Yes, 10! Why? Because if you pick more than just one or two, that takes the pressure off of each of those to be 100% perfect: Showing all aspects of your research, being visually pleasing, artistic, whatever expectations you might have. That’s NOT what we are trying to accomplish here! We just want to try to find images that you can show to illustrate your work.

**Only one additional condition here: Make sure you either take photos / draw images yourself, or make sure you have the right to use and share whatever other images you find that you didn’t create yourself.