“A lost chapter” — a beautiful #SciPoem for #SciCommChall by Dipika Mishra

Dipika Mishra submitted this beautiful science poem for July’s #SciCommChall and we are excited to share it here! Do you have a poem you would like to share with us? Or an #upgoerfive? Or anything related to our old challenges? Just get in touch! 🙂


I am but a lost chapter in an ancient book,
Yellowed by the passage of time;
Dwelling only in a few people’s memory,
Like a old dismantled Fort which only very few have seen.

The contents of the book are changed and so is its outlook,
Every new reader enjoys this new content
Little caring about the lost chapter
That remains buried in the coffin of time.

Hmm, the truth of nature is thus followed
Evolution they say is what enables this change
From an old lost chapter metamorphosis occurs
And then brand new content takes over.