Leticia accepts the August #SciCommChall and describes her work using only words from the list of the 1000 most common words!

Letícia writes:

Challenge accepted! Describing my  research using only the 1000 more common words in English! @scicommchall #scicommchall

@douglaskomatsu this one’s for you too…

Humans are changing the air we all breath. Really cold water in our world acts as an important “door” to this air. Part of the air changes the water, causing “trouble” to those living in water… Too many changes in world’s water also slowly changes the air. The world’s air and water have been through lots of changes in time, but it has never changed so fast in such short time. People check and study the water in many different places, also where it is very very very cold, in order to get the full picture of these changes. It is like putting together the pieces of a huge game! It is very important to have this world’s water and air “big picture”: once we understand it, we can avoid more changes in the air, point out the places where water is changing faster (and causing trouble to those living IN it, and FROM it), deciding faster what to do next.


Photo: @letcotrim on board H41 Polar RV Almte. Maximiano @marinhaoficial , starboard view, Weddell Sea, Antarctica.

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