Sarah one-ups the #upgoerfive #scicommchall, describing her work using different lists of the most commonly used 1000 words

Surely Sarah is the most dedicated contributor to August’s #scicommchall so far:

Yesterday afternoon I got a text message asking whether “is” isn’t on the list of the 1000 most commonly used words because it’s a form of “to be”, and hence can be used despite not being on the list, or whether, since it isn’t on the list, it is really not allowed in the #upgoerfive challenge.

That was a little confusing to me, since I was pretty sure that I had used “is” without any issue for my own challenge before. So after a little back and forth, Sarah launched into an investigation and it turns out that the lists of the 1000 most common words that you find on the internet differ substantially! Some don’t include “is” at all, others within the top 25 words. But then some include “energy” and others don’t. And “energy”, as you will see below, is a very central word for Sarah’s work!

Check out two different versions of how the gamified exhibition on the energy transition works, one using the #upgoerfive text editor, the other one using a list that I had linked (but I’ve since removed the link to avoid confusion and guide people directly to the awesome editor).

Here is the one using the word list that does include “energy”:

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Here is the version done using the #upgoerfive text editor, which does not include “energy” and hence is a lot more challenging:

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