“Wimmelbild” of a research ship

Mirjam writing:

For April’s #SciCommChall, I did a quick sketch of a “Wimmelbild”* of a research ship, the idea being that kids can color it in and discover a lot about life on a research cruise: People taking water samples and measuring them in a lab, but also others doing some whale watching, people on the bridge steering the ship, a cook preparing meals, washing machines, people hanging out in the lounge or sleeping in their cabins, and many more.

I think something like this could work very well in combination with someone telling stories about all these aspects of life at sea and oceanographic research!

There is some stuff I will change when I draw this research ship for real: For example make sure that the ship itself looks like a ship, and like one that won’t topple over first chance it gets. But all in all I am quite pleased with this first sketch. What would you suggest I should improve on in the next version? Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! 🙂

*In case you are wondering what the translation English of “Wimmelbild” might be: No idea how to properly translate it! Apparently they are used in the “I spy” books in the US, in “Where is Waldo?” in the UK, sometimes called “busy pictures”, sometimes called “look-and-see” pictures. How would you call something like this?

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